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PROCATS Premium Cat Litter has been developed in partnership with veterinarians for the care of cats of all breeds and ages. Its white color reveals possible changes in the color of urine like the presence of blood, helping to detect renal problems and urinary infections.

PROCATS is 100% natural because it is made from a unique combination of calcium carbonate crystals and a natural binder, free from chemical additives, fragrances and preservatives. This is why it is non-toxic and does not cause allergies, making it safe for the health of cats and their owners.

PROCATS is not flushable but when you dispose the clumps in the garbage it releases no odor.  When disposed of in soil, calcium carbonate helps regulate pH. 

The inconvenient bad smell is solved: PROCATS’ ultra-absorption forms firm and immediate clumps that eliminate the odor of urine naturally and makes it easy to dispose.

Its homogenous and rounded grains generates very low dust and provide more comfort for cats and their soft paws, especially kittens. 


• Natural odor control
• Soft for the paws
• Natural ingredients
• Strong clumps
• Low dust
• No chemical additive. No fragrance.
• Recommended by specialists.